Foundations in Queensland18th January 2015

St Vincent's Hospital Toowoomba 1922

St Vincent’s Hospital Toowoomba 1922

In 1858 Bishop James Quinn, before going to Australia asked Mary Aikenhead to send Sisters of Charity to Queensland, although there was none available until Mother Mary Berchmans Daly was able to fulfill a similar request from Archbishop Duhigg.

The first community arrived in Toowoomba in 1920, and St Vincent’s Hospital was opened shortly thereafter in 1922.

It was not until May 1925 that Sisters of Charity became involved in education in Queensland after they purchased the Stewart homestead, ‘Grantuly’ at Ashgrove.

Grantuly at Ashgrove

Grantuly at Ashgrove

The Sisters went into residence in May. In June St Finbarr’s School opened in the convent.  By 1927 the new church-school was built and ’Grantuly’ was available for secondary classes. The first brick school was erected in 1941; the name was then changed to Mt St Michael’s.

Other schools followed these first foundations.  In 1957, Mount Olivet, a hospital for the incurably ill, was opened at the magnificent site at Kangaroo Point donated by Mary Josephine Bedford.

As with all the Sisters’ foundations, the funds for the hospital were raised by numerous generous donors.