Characters of the Cross6th November 2014

During the recent Kings Cross Festival several awards called Characters of the Cross were presented.

The recipients were:

Sisters of Charity: Sr Clare Nolan and Sr Deirdre Hickey, who are based at the House of Hospitality in Darlinghurst. This is where accommodation is offered to women from country areas who have relatives in St Vincent’s Hospital.

Southern Cross

They also work with members of the Solomon Island community who come to St Vincent’s for medical attention. Sr Clare and Sr Deirdre have worked in the Darlinghurst area for over twenty-five years striving to help those in need.

Sr Clare said that the work Sr Deirdre and herself do, builds on the work of Sisters of Charity who have ministered in Sydney for over 175 years.

The other two recipients were Mr Graham Long, pastor of the Wayside Chapel. He has ministered there for ten years to some of Sydney’s most needy people.  Ms Robyn Graves, who is Coordinator of Kings Cross Community Centre was the other recipient.  She has spent all her life at the Cross and helps those who are socially and emotionally disadvantaged.

What worthy recipients these people are and what great examples of people who extend the hand of help to those in need!