Sr GeraldineOn January 14th in the beautiful Chapel of the Little Sisters of the Poor at Randwick, we celebrated Sr Geraldine’s Diamond Jubilee with a Mass celebrated by Fr Gerard Kelly – a long time friend of Sr Geraldine.

Some of the Little Sisters of the Poor, along with a group of Sisters of Charity and relatives and friends of Sr Geraldine were present. In his homily, Fr Gerard spoke of Geraldine’s 60 years of commitment to Religious Life, the many ministries she was involved in – teaching, catechetics, parish work and Outreach, and her wealth of spirituality gained over those years. He also spoke of Sr Geraldine’s many years of illness.

Group 1
Sr Geraldine had the pleasure of renewing her vows during the Mass. Before the final prayers our Congregational Leader, Sr Clare Nolan, presented Sr Geraldine with a Papal Blessing and spoke of Sr Geraldine’s 60 years of commitment to her various ministries and especially her constant love for people and her loving kindness and availability at all times.


At the conclusion of the Mass we were all invited downstairs to a beautiful Afternoon Tea, prepared by the Little Sisters. Being able to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee with Sisters, family and friends was a wonderful and very happy experience for Sr Geraldine. It was very evident during the Mass and Afternoon Tea, just how much the Little Sisters love Sr Geraldine.Group2












They call her their ‘miracle’! Sr Geraldine has improved so much under their care. She expressed her sincere thanks to all present in her short speech after cutting the cake. Sr Clare, also, thanked the Sisters for their wonderful care of Sr Geraldine. Group3



Thursday 14th January @ 2pm, Little Sisters of the Poor, Randwick NSW

Dear Geraldine! 60 years a Sister of Charity! It is such a privilege to be with you today and to honor your Diamond Jubilee of Religious Profession with you. All of us here are united with all Sisters of Charity throughout Australia when I say to you “ …well done good and faithful servant.”

At this time of celebration for the Congregation, I have been reflecting on each Diamond Jubilarian celebrating with you Geraldine – Marie Haren, Margaret Laffan, Denise McCarthy, and Nonie Riley RIP celebrating in Heaven – you are the women who have inspired us, supported us and called us to be the very best Sisters of Charity we could be, daily living out our Charism and spreading the Good News of God’s love for all.

I think about the ministries you have been engaged in over these years – primary school teaching, Motor Mission work, Parish ministry and Sisters of Charity Outreach. We saw you reaching out to families in need, going the extra mile, being a very present listening ear, faithful, and a great friend and supporter of priests. We know you saw this as a particular mission in itself, like St Therese of Liseux who proclaimed she came to Carmel to save souls and “above all to pray for priests.”

You are the eldest child in your family and family has always given meaning to your life in a very special way, and still does. You love your sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews and their children, and have become a very important part of their lives to this day. You have cared for elderly aunts and uncles and to your family you have been and are their confidant in life’s ups and downs. You are much loved.

Over 60 years Geraldine you have touched many lives from all walks of life. You were always there for people. You are a very selfless person and your prayerfulness is something that has been felt by all of us. You always took an active interest in Church matters and involved yourself wherever you could in the life of the Church.

And now we see the courageous Geraldine as you accept illness as part of God’s plan for you, as did our Foundress Mary Aikenhead. You have never complained and amidst your own suffering you could still reach out to others, especially other patients and their families and the Nurses and Doctors who have cared for you. People have had confidence in your patient listening and the wisdom that came straight from your heart.

Your love of the poor and needy and your faithfulness to God and his poor has just shone through you Geraldine in your day to day ministry. It continues to shine now and this time you are on the receiving end of the love and care you gave to so many over 60years. For me, it’s a miracle seeing you here with the Little Sisters of the Poor, loved, secure cared for and involved in the life and mission at St. Josephs. How can we adequately express our thanks to all who care for you – Sisters, staff, Volunteers, family and friends.

From the bottom of our hearts, we, the Sisters of Charity salute you all and say a big Deo Gratias! for you from Geraldine.

So let us rejoice and celebrate. This is truly a great day.


Congregational Leader, Sisters of Charity of Australia

14th January 2015