Congregational Leader’s Feast Day Celebration5th August 2013

There has been a tradition of celebrating the Feast Day of the Congregational Leader in different States.  This year Sr Annette’s Feast Day was celebrated in Tasmania, where only three Sisters now live, though Tasmania is so important in the story of the Congregation.  It was the place that welcomed three of the original five Sisters who came from Ireland to commence the ministry of the Sisters of Charity in Australia.  In 1847 these three pioneers sailed to Tasmania where they commenced an extraordinary range of ministries.


They were welcomed as warmly then as was Annette this year.  Sr Anne Turner and Sr Josephine Cannell had prepared a lovely prayer, home-made treats and gifts that were totally Tasmanian and two outings.  These included dinner at Pier One on the Feast of St Anne and lunch at The Boat House at Cornelian Bay on the following day. 

Sr Annette -7

After lunch Sr Anne, Sr Josephine and Sr Annette visited the last resting place of the Sisters of Charity who have died in Hobart.  It was a very special opportunity to honour the three pioneers, almost 175 years after they first set foot in Australia. 

It was then time to visit Sr Honorata, or “Honnie” as she is affectionately known. Sr Honorata is being beautifully cared for in Mary Potter House, with many extra treats and thoughtful acts bring offered by Sr Josephine and Sr Anne who visit her almost daily.

The weekend concluded with Sr Josephine, Sr Anne and Sr Annette celebrating Sunday Eucharist with the small congregation at St Pius X Church at Taroona.  


Soon afterwards Sr Annette was farewelled on her return trip to Sydney, a much easier voyage than that undertaken by the three Sisters who arrived then by ship in 1847. 

Sr Annette & Sr H