Office Move6th October 2010

Commencing on Thursday, 7th October, the Congregational office is moving – just a small distance – from Level 1, 75 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction, to Level 7, 35 Grafton Street.

The distance of the move did not lessen the amount of packing that was involved.  Enormous effort was expended in cleaning up and sorting, then in packing what was left.

By Wednesday almost everything was now boxed or labelled and most offices, shelves and cupboards were now bare.

At that stage we were trying to continue to work, though many of us found things packed that we now decided we needed urgently.

On Wednesday, St. Vincent’s Health Australia kindly farewelled the Office staff with a liturgy and afternoon tea.

On Thursday the final preparations  began. The move should be completed by Tuesday, 11th October.

On Friday there were still some finishing touches being applied, but essentiallt the space was ready and looking very empty.

On Monday all were hard at work unpacking, though an enormous amount had been done over the weekend.

By mid-day Monday order was emerging, with some offices and the reception area ready and some people able to resume their normal tasks.